Gregory A. Pozhvanov

Biologist, photographer

Ph.D., member of Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers, Adobe Certified Associate.
Finalist of wildlife photography contests, such as “Golden Turtle”, Global Arctic Awards, National Geographic Russia.
Founder and creative director of Macroclass.

Making landscape and close up photography, Gregory is eager to convey intimate images of pristine nature and to blend artistic taste with technical quality. Biological background suggests him the selection of macro subjects in the wild, and in turn, his photography helps in scientific work and lecture talks. In combination, that resulted in two approaches in photography: either minimalism and abstract work, or creation of utterly detailed picture that promotes its contemplation and studying.
Gregory’s favorite locations for photography include Russian North beyond the Arctic Circle, skerries of Ladoga Lake in Karelia, Belogorie nature reserve, steppes of European Russia, and Caucasus mountains.

+7 991 000-42-01
[email protected]