Telefunken TV connected to MacBook as a second screen
Telefunken TV connected to MacBook as a second screen.
Telefunken TV screens are very nice but IMO useless facility in MPI Campus Guesthouse in Golm, Potsdam, Germany. Well, unless you connect it to your laptop as a second screen via HDMI or VGA. However, its initial colors are ugly. To make a correction, I have adjusted the screen′s settings to neutral and then calibrated it with X-Rite Colormunki spectrophotometer. The resulting profile is at least usable and quite okay for a TV screen. Here is color gamut visualization compared to AdobeRGB color space gamut:

Telefunken TV color gamut compared to AdobeRGB
Download ICC Profile for Telefunken TV here:
GWG Telefunken D55 80cdm 2016-11-28.icc (10 Kb)
To adjust settings, navigate to Menu > Picture, and set the following:

Mode: Natural
Contrast: 32
Brightness: 32
Sharpness: 0
Colour: 32
Power Save Mode: Disabled
Backlight: High
Noise Reduction: Off
and under Menu > Picture > Advanced Settings:
Dynamic Contrast: off
Colour Temp: Warm
Picture Zoom: Full
Film Mode: Off
Skin Tone: 0
Colour Shift: 0
RGB Gain: OK > 16, 16, 16
HDMI True Black: Off